Mobile Office vs. Modular Building

Mobile Office vs. Modular Building

Whether sitting in a mobile office or modular building, rarely we consider the structure of the building. When deciding between renting, buying or leasing a mobile or modular complex — what’s the difference?

This question answers itself in the ease of transportation and set-up. In the case of office space, the mobile office adds flexibility. The entire structure creates itself out of a single, self-contained unit ready for use in a moments notice. Needing only to secure the structure to the ground and attach utilities, a mobile office space can be ready to go within an hour.

The mobile office also allows for the application of additional structures later on. Whereas with modular structures, additions are costly, timely and require workers to be moved to a separate location during construction, with mobile offices, additions remain simple and safe. When it comes to quick and easy, mobile structures are the way to go.

Where mobile has the advantage in ease of use, modular buildings have the advantage of permanence. With this though comes the frequent requirements of roofers, electricians and welders to put these structures together properly. These professionals are then required to remove the building as well. Being far more labor intensive, modular buildings are regularly more expensive and time consuming.

When choosing between mobile and modular structures, it often comes down to how long you need the space, and whether the effort needed for setting up is worth the time and money. For fast, efficient and easy — mobile structures are matchless.

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