Renting A Storage Trailer

Renting A Storage Trailer

When you need short term storage options, nothing offers a more effective and affordable a solution  than renting a storage trailer. Whether you run a small business or large corporation, commercial on-site storage trailers help to simplify your business operations. The storage rental experts at B&R Sales and Leasing stock numerous sizes, layouts and  amenities for a wide range of trailers available for rent.

5 reasons to rent a storage trailer:

  1. Multi-Purpose: Portable storage trailers hold whatever you need them to hold. Most people use them as a short-term alternative to moving trucks, others prefer them when renovating a home. Portable storage trailers are also useful when staging your home and you need to store your items away.
  2. Transportable: Due to the compact size and sturdy build, storage units go nearly anywhere. They fit in most parking lots, construction sites, backyards and structure alleyways.
  3. Worry-Free: When renting a storage trailer there’s no need to worry about the safety of your belongings or the time allotted for your storage. Rent a portable storage trailer for as long as you need, and simply return it when done.
  4. Cost Effective: When requiring help for a short amount of time, renting a portable storage trailer presents a much better outlook for your short-term cash flow. Renting avoids large up-front payments, allowing you to use the money you save for the other needs of your business.
  5. Flexible: Renting your portable storage trailer makes life easier. There’s no fear over renting out a space in a storage facility and having to restrict business hours. There’s no fret over accessing the amount of space you need or the budget required to rent.

A portable trailer allows a stress-free, affordable and easy solution to all your storage needs. Portable storage trailers allow you to have the storage requirements you desire, your way.

For more information on renting a storage trailer from the experts at B&R Sales and Leasing please contact us here or call us directly at 800.444.1354.