Mobile Trailer FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

What type of modular trailer should I choose?

B&R offers a wide variety of modular trailers designed for any need and any budget. We can even customize the perfect space or spaces for your needs. Modular building options include:


  • Office Trailers: Available in multiple functions and sizes, these portable units remain ideal for when your business needs a temporary or permanent office space. We stock a large inventory of mobile offices and furnishings, ensuring the right space at the right price.
  • Construction Jobsite Trailers: Able to withstand rough conditions and daily usage, our modular jobsite trailers fulfill numerous functions and will endure the harsh punishment of most constructions sites. We offer a wide selection including construction offices, administrative offices, sales offices, guard shacks and B.O.C.A units.
  • Special Event Modulars: Special event modulars can accommodate any size event, function or extravaganza. From corporate events to concerts, we have the perfect trailer for your next event.
  • Mobile Classrooms: Our portable classrooms expand your available teaching space immediately. Offered in three sizes, our mobile classrooms accommodate numerous layout configurations.

Are the trailers furnished?

We can furnish any of our units to your precise specifications with one of our many affordable furnishing packages. In addition to providing you with high quality and functional mobile space, B&R can help you fill your trailer with the furnishings you need.

What do I need to consider before leasing or buying a unit?

B&R specializes in renting and leasing quality, functional and affordable mobile trailers for use in construction jobsites, office space, storage, classrooms and special events.

For both long and short term construction jobs, the right jobsite trailer often makes all the difference in the comfort and ease with which you perform daily activities. Here are some things to consider to ensure that you pick the right unit for you:

  • Space: How many people will use the space?
  • Time: How long will you need it?
  • Furnishing/modifications: What else do you need added to the space to make it the most functional?
  • Purpose: What will the space be used for?
  • Location: Will the site be easily accessible?

To learn more about the various units we offer, contact us here.

What should I do to prepare for delivery?

The foundation where the building will be located needs to be flat and hard. You also need to have a clear path with an additional 6 feet on each side. If you need to connect to water or power, contact your local utility providers to arrange a service. Lastly, make sure to have any permits that are required by state, local, or federal agencies.

Do I need permits for my trailer?

Permitting varies from place to place. It is your responsibility to obtain any required permits. Contact your local permitting office to find out what permits are required in your area.

How quickly can I get my unit delivered?

Every unit is available for immediate delivery throughout Michigan and the Midwest. However, for buildings that require customization, the delivery time will vary based on the modifications. To get an estimated delivery date, please contact us here.

Do units include air conditioning?

Only the office trailers have air conditioning.

Can I extend my lease on a unit?

Of course! Contact us here and we’ll get started on it.


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